Why The Doc?

Hi Fi equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated. As such, servicing requires equal expertise. If you want it fixed properly, the first time, consult Dr. Hi Fi.

Every process at Dr. Hi Fi is extremely well organised. Most repairs are completed in a week or less. Our stock of spare parts is vast and includes parts for some very old equipment.

Close up picture of a stereo systems metallic front panel.

Regular servicing of quality hi fi equipment ensures longest possible life and often avoids more costly repairs.

Quite often, older hi fi equipment is of far superior quality than recently manufactured equipment. In these cases, it is usually better to repair rather than replace with inferior products. Many modern "mini" systems won't last much beyond their warranty period whereas some of the 70's and 80's equipment is going better than ever after a visit to the Doc's.

Repairing quality equipment helps the environment. Should we accept and encourage the throw away society? Replacement can mean your good equipment is trashed. Buying new items (often of lesser quality) damages our balance of payments apart from global resources.

For the elderly, repairing hi fi they are familiar in using is preferable to teaching them how to operate new, often more complex equipment.

Dr. Hi Fi will never repair anything that is not in the client's interest to repair. This decision is based on a wealth of knowledge attained over 30 years in the industry. Many factors are taken into account.

When Dr. Hi Fi services your hi fi, we will give you any of our relevant Service Bulletins, as well as advice on how to avoid further damage.

Wall mounted certificates and awards.

Dr. Hi Fi carries a range of accessories that technicians consider valuable, not salesmen. We are not salesmen.

Unless specified, all work done by Dr. Hi Fi carries a guarantee, though it is unlikely you will need it.