Audio engineers in servicing of quality hifi equipment, domestic and professional. Dr. Hi Fi has specialised in service and repairs to hi fi equipment since 1976. Robin Gandevia's vast experience and knowledge is unique in the industry and his reputation is undoubted. The Doctor (Robin Gandevia MInstSCE (Eng.) MTETIA) would be pleased to repair your quality hi fi equipment.

Announcement & Update

I have serviced quality hi fi equipment (professional and domestic) for c. 45 years. Often what I have repaired in the last 10 years is what I started to repair in the late 1970’s This is because it is quality equipment built to last. Modern equipment is rarely built to be serviced.

I have now reached retirement age and I am pulling up stumps on renting premises.

This decision has been exceedingly difficult as I am sure most would appreciate. My great regret is that I cannot recommend anyone for people to go to; I am of a dying breed. 20 years ago my mentor died and another with whom I held great respect pulled the plug over 10 years ago.

I am fortunate that a great friend has offered me some workspace in his home on the lower north shore. That is very generous of him and gives me the opportunity to do some limited work which is ideal. (I am unable to work from where I live.)

Due to my limited time, priority will be given to those I have done work for previously.

I sincerely regret the inconvenience to those that I will not be able to assist.

I will only work on equipment that I think is worth repairing where the client will get a satisfactory result. May I detail equipment I do not work on...

- Audio Visual Receivers (AVR)
- Large speakers
- Sub woofers (powered or not)
- Equipment that is less than 10 years old (except turntables)

My friend who kindly provides the workspace is not able to have clients come to his home for insurance and other reasons. As such, I can meet and greet you in a nearby café at Milsons Point. Parking should be easy and we can discuss and finalise any further needs for your repair(s) over coffee. There will be other ways I am sure.

I expect the transition period will be complete by early March. You may email me in the interim if you wish to enquire if I will be able to assist you after this move.

As I said, this has been a very difficult decision. I appreciate your understanding.

With best wishes,