Audio engineers in servicing of quality hifi equipment, domestic and professional. Dr. Hi Fi has specialised in service and repairs to hi fi equipment since 1976. Robin Gandevia's vast experience and knowledge is unique in the industry and his reputation is undoubted. The Doctor (Robin Gandevia MInstSCE (Eng.) MTETIA) would be pleased to repair your quality hi fi equipment.

Announcement & Update

Christies Offices (at 100 Walker Street North Sydney, where I have worked since 2016) served me with just 30 days notice terminating my lease (whilst knowing I was overseas) as they wished to undertake some major renovations.

Suitable premises are extremely difficult to find. Mostly office space for rent is far larger than I require nor can afford. Semi retired, I work A) for the satisfaction, B) to keep my brain exercised and C) to assist people in servicing hi fi which few can do these days.

I am endeavouring to find new premises. If this is not possible I may have to "pull up stumps" which I'd greatly regret. In the meantime, I am unable to assist anyone with any repairs so please do not make enquiries other than to send a message saying that you would like me to contact you if and when I am "up and running" again.

I will do my best to resolve this situation ASAP. I greatly regret the inconvenience. If you want an apology, seek that from the Property Manager of Christies Spaces North Sydney for whom I have the utmost disrespect.