The Doctor is now Semi Retired

I have serviced quality hi fi equipment (professional and domestic) for nearly 50 years. Often what I have repaired in the last 10+ years is what I started to repair in the late 1970’s. This is because it is high quality equipment that was built to last and also is readily serviceable. Modern equipment (2000+) is rarely built to be serviced let alone last any significant period of time.

Having reached retirement age, I have significantly reduced my workload. One reason was the fact that some of the older equipment, wonderfully built as it was, is becoming too difficult to viably repair. In some cases the item may have a multitude of faults. In these cases I end up working for many hours with little reward. I try to use my detective skill and recognise the likelihood of this when I discuss repairs with clients.

Due to my limited availability, priority is given to past clients but that does not discount new clients. A great regret is that I cannot recommend anyone for people to go to; I am of a dying breed. 25+ years ago my mentor died and another with whom I held great respect is no longer able to work.

I sincerely regret the inconvenience to those that I will not be able to assist.

As I said, this has been a very difficult decision. I appreciate your understanding.