Appointment with The Doc

Image of a brass plate indicating a stereo repairmans information.

You need to contact Robin by email to arrange a time to drop off (and collect) your equipment.

It is easiest to do this by email, as I am happy to correspond outside of normal business hours. Please do not send me SMS messages.

After Covid-19 there are some significant changes as to meeting clients. These will be advised prior to an appointment after you have contacted Robin by email.

All equipment must be wrapped in plastic and must have been disinfected please (wipe completely with methylated spirits / spray Glen20 or equivalent).

Items are restricted to a maximum of 22 kgs as I am unable to readily manoeuvre same on the work bench.

Items must be collected within 14 days of being advised they are ready for collection. There will be a fee of $25 / day storage fee after that 14 day period.

"Out of hours" appointments will often be possible.

Should you need to cancel an appointment, please give at a minimum 24 hours notice. Failure to give such (unless for understandable reasons) will likely cancel any further working arrangements.

Your assistance with keeping appointments is greatly appreciated.