About Dr. Hi Fi

Dr. Hi Fi was established in 1976, by the proprietor: Mr. Robin Gandevia. Our first shop was located in Perouse Rd. Randwick, at "The Spot" shopping centre in Sydney.

In 1978 Dr. Hi Fi moved to Paddington, where we remained until early 1990. During these eleven years our reputation for unsurpassed quality in hi fi equipment repairs and service was firmly established. We also sold new equipment but specialised in the sale of high quality second hand items, representing excellent value and reliability. These items were "hand" selected, based on our vast experience in hi fi service.

In October 1990, Dr. Hi Fi moved to Waverley. We greatly enjoyed our Waverley location at Charing Cross, where we stayed for 14 years.

Repair man working on stereo system.

In 2004, Peter Loreggia (who had been with Dr. Hi Fi for some 18 years) sadly left for a change in career. With ever increasing overheads, limitless legal liabilities and obstacles in employing people, Dr. Hi Fi decided that after more than 25 years, it would no longer maintain an actual shop front.

As the owner and founder of Dr. Hi Fi, Robin Gandevia continued to service high quality domestic hi fi equipment from his new "surgery" at his home in north Randwick until 2015. After 11 years, in late 2015 Robin moved to North Sydney.

In 2020 Robin has entered semi retirement. He does still do some work. Please see the separate page on the website “The Doctor is now Semi Retired”.

Shop front picture of a stereo repair facility.

Servicing electronics since 1976, Robin Gandevia initially repaired televisions and hi fi equipment. His love of music steered him to confine, and specialise, his talents to that of high fidelity sound reproduction.

Robin Gandevia is a member of The Electronic and Technicians Institute of Australia (MTETIA). In 1986 he gave the address to the Institute's National Convention on the servicing of hi fi equipment, and has also given lectures on related subjects to the NSW division. He is also a member of The Institute of Sound and Communication Engineers (MInstSCE Eng.), based in England with representatives throughout the world. Dr. Hi Fi Pty Ltd was also a member of The Electronic Services Association (TESA) in Australia.

Extending beyond Australia, the reputation of Dr. Hi Fi is based not only on quality of workmanship, but on efficiency and professionalism. Dr. Hi Fi acts as consultants in audio engineering to the industry.

Dr. Hi Fi's popularity is not through being the cheapest, but by being the most thorough and knowledgeable.